4 Standing Exercises I used to Strengthen my Core

Working out on your core is actually quite important. A strong back, ab, hip and glute muscles help you develop more energy and also protect you from getting injured and that is why most gym trainers tell you to concentrate on building your core as well.

Below in this article I have covered for you few standing exercises I used to strengthen my core.

For these exercises you will not need to go to a gym and can be done even at home if you have enough room. These exercises will also help you enhance not only your posture but also your balance. Note that working out on your core will also help you run better.

Standing Crunches


For the standing crunches exercise you will need to stand straight. Once you are standing straight you need to breathe in and then raise your hands over your head and then bend backwards forming an arch.

The next thing you need to do is breathe out and then straighten yourself using your abs region in a way that your shoulder and hips are in the same line.

You can do this exercise on your toe tips to make it harder. Do this at least 8-10 times.

Squat with Leg Raise

To complete this exercise you need to once again stand straight. Just keep your knees and your toes angled outwards. Now you need to breathe in and raise your arms.

Then breathe out and squat down. Breathe in again and transfer your body weight on your left leg and raise your right leg upwards.

Once that is done you just need to breathe out and go back to the squat pose and then raise the other leg. You can make this exercise harder by lifting your leg as high as possible.

One Leg Balance           

For this exercise again you will have firstly have to stand straight and breathe in.

Then raise your right knee. Once you do that the next thing you need to do is breathe out and straighten your right foot. After this breathe in again and move your right leg backwards quickly.

Now breathe out and lift your hands and lean forward and while leaning forward also raise your leg. Do this exercise about 10 times before moving on. To make this exercise harder you can lift your leg higher than you usually would.

Squat with Twist

Once again the first thing you need to do is stand straight. Once that is done breathe in and bend your knees.

Then squat downwards and move your butt back and lift your arms over your head. Now you will have to breathe out and twist to your right moving your right hand outwards to the side. Now breathe in again and come back to the squat pose.

Breathe out and twist to the other side. To make it more difficult you can squat lower and move your elbow across the opposite knee. Continue this exercise at least 5-6 times.

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