5 Habits of Every Well-Motivated Runner

All runners have certain habits that are good for them.

These habits help them run better. In case you do not know what these habits are below in this article I have covered 5 habits of a well-motivated runner


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Run early in the morning

Often it happens that we plan to run probably in the evening but then something or the other comes up and we end up missing it. To avoid this, the best thing you can do is run early in the morning around 6-7 am depending on your schedule.

Running in the morning not only gives a sense of accomplishment but also gives you a lot of energy which will help you get through the day. To make sure you are on time every day you can set the clothes, shoes etc. that you need in the morning before sleep itself.

Strength Train on a consistent basis

The advantage of strength exercise is that it not only enhances your health but also lowers the risk of you getting injured. Strength training can improve your running greatly. You should do at least 5-6 strength training exercises each day along with running.

Pick 2 exercises each for your lower body, upper body and also your core. You do not have to do all these exercises at one go. You can do some in the morning some when you come back from work depending on your comfort.

Cross Train Consistently

If you are having trouble running every day then you should incorporate some other aerobic exercises into your workout. Once you run on a regular basis other aerobic exercises like swimming, cycling or rowing can improve your fitness without having an effect on your running. Make sure you have the right pair of shoes, TheCrazyfeet has some good recommendations on walking shoes for men.

These exercises will help you engage other muscles of your body as well helping you get a better defined body. You do not have to do these exercises every day. Keep them for the days you do not run.

Consume more Veggies

Many of you may not like vegetable but you cannot deny the fact that they are loaded with nutrients and are quite low in calories which is perfect for every runner.

Vegetable also have good amount of carbs which get you more energy and also antioxidants that help you with the recovery process.

Keep in mind that you need not eat all the vegetables. Eat the vegetables you prefer. Also do not completely stop non veg since it is a source of protein.

Warm up before you go on a run

I am sure many of you may already have heard how important warm is before you run. Running can cause your muscles to tighten and thus there is always a risk of injury.

To avoid this you should stretch out. Stretching loosens your muscles. You should warm up for about 10-15 minutes before going for a run.

Make sure you keep your warm ups short and easy. Do not tire yourself out at the warm up stage itself.

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