8 Golden rules for a healthy Workout nutrition

healthy food

Like most newbies are advised to go slow for the first couple of weeks at the gym I do not see a reason why you should mess to much with your diet either. As time passes by you will learn the good, bad and ugly about dieting and nutrition but to help you get started on the right foot today I am going to share with you 8 straightforward rules of a healthy diet. Irrespective of any change these rules have always remained the same.

Protein intake depends on the bodyweight

Have you been wondering what’s all the buzz about proteins among fitness experts and trainers? That’s because they are the building blocks of the body and contain amino acids that build muscles, fastens recovery, strengthen bones etc. but only if taken in the right amounts? So how much protein does your body need?

That answer depends on your weight. I suggest 2 grams of protein per pound for the first 5-6 months and then lower it down to 1 gram. Pick foods like beef, fish, chicken and yes the king of the protein diet, Eggs.

For calories pick fat

Yes I said fat. Though not your best friend, it’s neither your worst enemy if you train well. Fat rich food keeps testosterone levels at peak which I guess you know aids muscle development, builds strength and also prevents weight gain.

For my fat intake I love having grilled steak or even beef since its protein rich too. Other ideal foods are flax seeds, olive oil, peanut butter, trout, walnuts etc.

Keep track of your carb intake

Next in line to proteins are carbs. Muscles store carbs in the form of glycogen which is responsible for fueling the muscles during an intense training session. To build up quick consume about 4-5 grams of carbs again depending on your weight.

To maintain current muscle tone yet stay energized 2 grams per pound should suffice and for weight loss I would suggest 1 gram. For carbs switch to oatmeal and whole grain breakfast. Vegetables and sweet potatoes are other sources.

Pre and post workout shake

workout shake

Confused about when to drink your shake? Simple, have it pre and also post your gym routine. These shakes are great substitutes for a snack thus consuming them at the right time of the day remains crucial.

Have it an hour ahead of your training. It energizes your muscles and gives you a head start on the recovery process. 20-25 grams of protein drink combined with 50-60 grams of easy to digest carbs is the perfect pre and post training refreshment.

Eat regularly

No not a plateful every couple of hours but you should divide your regular quantity is smaller meals spread out between 2-4 hour intervals. This is ideal for both bodybuilders and to stay lean as it ensures your body is constantly fueled.

Keep the meal size similar. Avoid any meal or shakes in between these gaps. You are also more likely to feel less hungry thus avoiding overeating.

Eat before you sleep

You’re not going to be eating for the next 7-8 hours assuming you sleep well and without food or water the body starts converting muscle fiber into amino acids which is not what one is looking for irrespective of whether you want to bulk up or get lean.

No not suggesting staying awake is healthy either. Instead have a diet with healthy fats and heavy proteins. Even a class of milk or cheese is good as it contains casein protein which ensures your body has a constant amino acid supply while sleeping.

Consume BCAA and Creatine

Apart from proteins other supplements like BCAA and creatine help with growth too and are ideal for both men and women and the best part is they have no after effects. BCAA reduces cortisol thus testosterone levels peak and muscle breakdown lowers.

Combine 7-10 grams of BCAA and 4-5 grams of creatine into your shakes for a better workout and faster recovery. To know the exact quantities send us details about your workout routine or get in touch with your trainer at the gym.

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