About me!

Hey guys, I am Darrell H. Christman from New York.

I have been a gym trainer for many years now and if you needed any help regarding workouts you are in the right place because here you will get workout tips, details about fitness machines and lots more from the world of fitness and health. 

Though a trainer now I wasn’t always so fit. In my early 20’s I weighed about 200 pounds. I was low on confidence, felt useless etc. and that’s when I decided it was time to stand up and make a change. I started out by going for walks and runs but the major change and improvement came when I hit the gym and since the gym has always been my 2nd home.

Whether I workout or help our clients workout I love my time there. Always Remember It’s never too late. So if you are finally ready to sign up for the gym we at World Class Workouts have provided all the help you need to succeed.

In case you feel we missed out on something or have a better tip or workout plan do share it with us and our readers. Just head over to the contact page and write to us. Grow with us and contribute towards our growth as well.


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