Is the Horizon Fitness M4 Indoor Spin Bike Really good? [Must Read]

In case you want a spin bike that matches the standards of a gym and gives your entire body the right workout then you should consider buying the Horizon Fitness M4 Spin Bike.

It is an amazing spin bike especially if you want a spin bike that can take a large amount of weight.

You can lose around 1500 calories by using this spin bike for just an hour depending on the intensity you work out with. This spin bike has all the comforts one can ask for. Sadly, it lost it’s top placements in list of best spin bikes.

The Horizon Fitness M4 Indoor Spin Bike is fully adjustable and will definitely help you save the high gym fees because with this spin bike you will not need to spend on other fitness equipments.

An hour of spinning will give you your daily workout. It is an excellent spin bike whether you are a beginner or a professional cyclist and you won’t even have to spend much on its maintenance.



The dimensions of the Horizon Fitness M4 Indoor Spin Bike are 43 x 19 x 35 inches. This spin bike can take 285 lbs of user weight and it weighs around 88 lbs.

The weight of the flywheel of this spin bike is 42 lbs and the drive system is a chain drive. The seat and handlebars of this spin bike can be adjusted as per your comfort.


Assembling the Horizon Fitness M4 Indoor Spin Bike is something you won’t find very hard to do. This process should not take you more that 25-40 minutes.

A good thing is that the box will come with all the various parts needed to assemble the spin bike.

Even the tools like the Allen Wrench are included in the box making the process easier. You will also get all the instructions needed for the assembly.


One of the top features of this spin bike is the heavy flywheel. The benefit of this heavy flywheel is that it will exercise every muscle of your body. Each part like the waist, hips etc. will get a good workout helping you burn calories.

It also provides a high amount of resistance helping you get a high intensity workout. It also adds to the realism. The Horizon Fitness M4 Indoor Spin Bike comes with an LCD screen.

This screen gives you data related to your workout. Data such as distance covered, speed etc. can be tracked using this screen. Another excellent thing about this spin bike is that its pedals can be changed.

This spin bike has a knob brake resistance system which helps you change the resistance of the spin bike quite easily as per your convenience.


The Horizon Fitness M4 Indoor Spin Bike is an excellent investment and you will love this spin bike not only because of its features but also because of its relatively low cost. However, if you’ve got the budget for it then you should definitely go for a Keiser M3 Plus.

This spin bike will cost you around $500 and comes with a 10 year warranty on the frame and 1 year warranty on the parts.

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