Mistakes Beginners make on biceps day and their solutions

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Strengthening the biceps is easy. A lot of curls are all that’s needed so what mistakes am I blabbering about? After all how hard can it be to screw up a couple of curls? Well look around, there are loads. Plus if it were that easy I’d be washing cars. On a serious note curls are as complicated as any other workout and here are some mistakes you beginners make and tips on how to avoid them.

You kick-off with a bad exercise

Does it matter which exercise you do first? Yes absolutely. To get started I would recommend a light warm up followed by a multi- joint movement. Now moving on to the biceps, begin with a standing exercise rather than a seated one.

Standing curls will enable you to lift heavier since it allows you to engage your lower body. Avoid overdoing and aim for a weight that causes muscle failure after 10-15 reps to maintain the right form.

You do similar exercises

Begin with a standing barbell curl, next the dumbbell curl and then the cable. Sounds familiar? A great mixture of all the exercises isn’t it? Yes but it’s wrong as all these workouts have a repetitive arm motion done with separate equipment.

Your workout will be more effective if incorporate different angles like we do for the chest with flat and inclined bench. Try different set workout like the preacher curls or the inclined bench curls. Also changing your arms position can help. Learn to do preacher curls below.


You take the curls too high

A very common mistake I have seen almost every newbie make is that they take the curls too high in order to complete the full motion The right way to do the curl is to just move the elbow joint while the elbow is placed on your side. This enables lifting the dumbbells or barbell to shoulder height.

When you move the elbows up your deltoids are engaged thus the moves effect of your biceps reduces and pressure shifts to the deltoids. Lift lower weight if needed but do not compromise with form.

You train biceps before the back

The most likely option is to train your back first and then your arms but if you have it the other way around you’ve got it wrong big time. The idea always is to workout the major muscle groups first and your arm muscles are fairly small and aid with back exercises like rowing etc.

Training arms first tires the flexors resulting in a poor, ineffective back routine. I suggest all my clients to train their arms a day or 2 after the back to ensure proper recovery.

You restrict motion to lift heavy

Yes lifting heavier is key to muscle growth but in that bargain beginners lift too heavy too early often compromising on form and motion. Doing half reps will have less impact than doing full reps with lighter weights.

Take your arms down completely rather than rather than bringing them up from midway. Check the mirror on the side to see to how low you can go. This is a tip to remember for all other exercises as well.

You begin with forearms

Since the forearms are muscles that support the biceps training them first will tire them out and forget a dumbbell or a barbell you will barely be able to hold onto your mobile. Leave the forearms for the end along with your wrists.

Not just on bicep day but even on other days prevent starting off with the forearms. These smaller muscle groups are always best left for the end.


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