Why I like the Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rowing Machine

So, I got a new rowing machine!

The Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rowing Machine which is a good value for money home rower. As the name includes “air rower”, it is quite obvious that this rowing machine uses air resistance while rowing to provide the user with challenging workout. So let’s see what does this Stamina model has to offer to the customers.


Metal Chain – This rower uses metal pull-chain, instead of fabric belts that are used by most of the budget rowing machines. This chain ensures durability and can easily withstand long powerful workout session. But, there is one little problem; the chain is not fixed properly which makes the rowing motion bit erratic after 15 minutes of workout.

Though taking the reputation of Stamina in consideration we are quite sure that they are working towards fixing this problem and will soon resolve this issue.

Seating – This rower is very comfortable to use. The seats are perfectly positioned and well-padded which allows the user to comfortably use the machine for long time. Also the seats are molded to the rail in an appropriate angle that provides the perfect rowing motion to user. It slides smoothly on the rail and allows the user to easily recover, once they have reached the finish of the stroke.

Foot Plates – To make this rowing machine more comfortable and efficient, it is fitted with large adjustable footrests which can support any foot size. These footrests have nylon straps attached to it which wrap around the foot, keeping them fixed to the foot plates therefore avoid slipping while working out. The nylon strap does not come lose and maintains firm grip throughout the whole training sessions.

Resistance – As the name suggest this rower uses air for resistance which is generated by large spinning fan. This provides the user with full body workout, helping them to lose weight and tone up all the major muscles in their body.

Air rowers usually make little more noise as compared to other types of rowers and this one is no exception. But the noise level not so loud and user can get used to it after some time.

Console – The rower comes with easy to use electronic monitor which displays several workout figures such as speed, distance, time, stroke rate and calories burned. The size of the console is small which may disappoint some users but it is compensated with LED backlit screen which allow the user to read the data easily even in low light.

Assemble and Storage – The ATS Air Rower is easy to assemble and comes with an illustrated guide which explains the process of assembling. All the required tools and accessories are included with the boxed packaging.

It is also quite easy to store this machine as it can be folded and can be placed where ever you want. This rower has caster wheels attached to it which allows the user to easily move it around.

Final Words

Stamina ATS rower is a budget rowing machine which is very comfortable to use. The sturdy built quality of this machine provides steadiness even at high intensity workout. This rower is definitely a great investment if you want a machine which can handle some serious heavy use and still will last long.

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